“Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette”

Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette, Robert Kane When This Book Was Published, it is Said that All Copies Were Purchased by The Telecommunications Industry Representatives Because it is too Revealing of the Deceptive Practices of Industry and the Harm that was Known by Industry and our Government.  (Download PDF Here)

Excerpts from the book:

“…energy stored in the near-zone fields close to the antenna, the industry never speaks of because very few, except antenna engineers and electromagnetics researchers, are aware of its existence. Under some circumstances the stored energy is 10 to 100 times greater than the radiated energy. It depends to a great extent on the configuration of the antenna. Knowledge that this great amount of stored energy may be “efficiently” coupled into the head and brain of a user should be enough to keep all but the most daring from using portable cellular telephones.”

“Consider again that the industry’s own research findings during the 1970s proved that there was excessive exposure to users of portable transmitting devices, so the manufacturers decided to throw out the laws of physics. They exempted themselves from the laws of the universe in order to continue to market their products to the unsuspecting public.”

“the researchers employed a simplistic homogeneous mold of “muscle tissue equivalent” comprised of salt-water and plastic powders.”

“T. Kobayashi has warned that typical gel-type materials are prone to dehydration, deterioration and invasion by molds and bacteria. All of these effects lead to inaccurate experimental data, yet nearly all researchers who experiment with laboratory models use the gel mixtures.”

“Many of the conclusions drawn by these researchers are extrapolations based on results obtained from studies of unrealistic models and plastic dolls”

“Rather than provide the realistic models for the researchers, industry has elected to use the public for its experiments.”

“They, the intellects who seek escape from moral values, they are the damned on this earth, theirs is the guilt beyond forgiveness. —A. Rand Atlas Shrugged”

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