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NATHAN MONELL, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE NATIONAL P.T.A. REVOKES HEALTH ADVOCATE’S CONTRACT TO EXHIBIT AT THE 2016 P.T.A. CONVENTION – REASON:  “The National PTA has determined that Wireless Education Action’s positions, that wireless classrooms are a danger to children,  that schools are microwaving children without safety standards, and that wireless systems should be banned from schools and other locations where children are exposed to them, are not consistent with National PTA’s mission, position statements, resolutions or policies.”  QUOTING FROM PTA RESOLUTION ON INTERNET AND WIRELESS COMMUNICATION:   

Resolved, “That National PTA and its constituent organizations will work with partners, associated organizations, and government agencies to inform and educate students, parents, educators, and communities on the dangers associated with the Internet and wireless and other electronic communications; and be it further”

Resolved, “That National PTA and its constituent organizations will work to advocate for appropriate laws, policies, and regulations to ensure the safety of children and youth when using the Internet and wireless and other electronic communications.”

Monell can be emailed at   info@PTA.org

Over 1 Million Members of Teachers Unions in Germany, UK, USA and Canada Who Have Done Their Research Do Not Support Wi-Fi in Schools

Dr. Martin Pall & Dr. Paul Dart Address the Health Committee of the Oregon State Legislature Feb. 24, 2014 On the Dangers of Microwaves From Wi-Fi Routers in Schools

Nobel Prize Winner Devra Davis on WiFi in Schools and Limiting Its Risks

Barrie Trower — “WI FI: HUMANITY ON THE BRINK” –  Report on the Effect of Radiation From Wi-Fi on Girls Reproductive Systems Aug. 20, 2013:

XLNT:  Renowned N.Y. Dr. Nicholas Gonzales on the Health Problems, Both Physical and Psychological, From Wireless Tech: He Recommends an Uprising of the People !!

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“Unequivocally the rates of these cancers have been going up for the last 20 years or more with about a 1% increase per year,”

School Officials May be Personally Liable in Eventual Law Suits for Physical Damage Caused by Chronic Wi-Fi Radiation Exposure in Schools.

Telecommunications Industries Are no Longer Eligible For Liability Insurance.

Oregon House Bill 3350 Introduced in 2015 Would Require that Parents, Teachers and School Employees be Advised that the World Health Organization has Determined Microwave Radiation From Wi-Fi and Cell Towers in Schools is a Class 2B Carcinogen.

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The Measurement of Microwave Radiation Exposure at a Wi-Fi Router in Mt. Tabor Middle School was 50x’s Higher than Standing 100′ From a Cell Tower!



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